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as it was still under way. united states ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans were killed in the benghazi attacks. turning to syria, the u.n. envoy to syria said the syrian government and some rubble leaders have agreed to a ceasefire. he says that the government of president assad will issue a statement on a truce today or tomorrow. the fighting in syria has killed more than 34,000 people since march of last year. united states navy warship has rescued five filipino fisherman. they were standing on the roof of their sinking vote. united states embassy spokeswoman in manila says the fishing vote started taking on water the previous day. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> what he just said is not true. >> briefly, senator, you need to do a better job of explaining your own record. you are really messing up my record. you are looking at somebody else. and it is a shame. senator, the people of the state of florida are tired of you saying one thing to them, and then going back to washington, d.c. and voting with barack obama 98% of the time. they are ti
out and interact with the people. ambassador stevens was very friendly. he did not want to travel a run with a large entourage, he wanted to connect with the people. in the to balance that. there is risk involved with that. i think what happened is there's not adequate protection in place for the ambassador. for the level of threat. host: you mentioned eric nordstrom. he testified this week, he was the former regional security officer in libya, the ring that took place, you can see it on c- span. what else did you learn from guest: this:the complexity of the situation -- guest: it was an evolving situation, we rely heavily on the host nation partners to provide a lot of security to support us. and try to figure out who was a friend of the united states. was a former khadafy regime official. it was very difficult and very challenging. and the capability for libyans, the wanted to do that. but the capability to provide that was lacking. host: eric nordstrom testified this week. here is what yet to say about security and then got a. >> for me and my staff, it was abundantly clear we
that there was no demonstration, that there were repeated requests from stevens within hours of his death for reinforcements for security enhancements, two attacks prior to that, in a couple months, and biden goes on the debates and says they knew nothing about it. my understanding of national security -- of, anyway, my understanding is the president has control, is well aware in the situation room of the the live feed, is where decisions being made. we've got youryou've point that the benghazi attack is an october ssurprise. guest: almost every day some of the national security riders of the new york times have been doing quite a lot on benghazi and the aftermath of the attack. the run-up to it as well. the conservative media believes that it's not being covered enough. whether or not it is, there are guys like tapper at abc, and the new york times and washington post has done a lot of it, reporting the actual on the grounds scenes. this is an effort to undermine the president's advantage on foreign-policy. but i'm not sure there's much there. i'm not fully versed in everything about benghazi and the attac
at the diplomatic outpost in the gauzy, libya, where christopher stevens and three others died in the attacks last month. she said it is like a big family and that it is painful, absolutely painful. monday she also accepted the blame, adding that the security there is her job, not that of the white house. her comments come as mitt romney criticized the obama administration for its handling of the security before the attack by extremists and the explanation afterwards. she also spoke in advance of the second presidential debate, which will occur tonight. we will see if mitt romney brings up that issue in tonight's debate. going back to the phones, julie is from "the bronx." how have the debates influenced your election? caller: thank you for taking my call. i just want to school people, whoever is listening, how should i say this? when they have obama leading by 49%? with mitt romney behind by 48%? these polls, there are thousands of millions of people in the united states and these polls are taken only by 100 to 200 people. it does not represent everybody in the united states. obama did very well.
reading and re- imagining of other people's ideas. >> steven johnson is our guest next sunday. he will look at the cyberworld, popular culture, and computer networking and politics, live at noon eastern on "book tv" on c- span2. >> "washington journal" continues. host: a preview of the supreme court term with jess bravin, that beginning today. themes are merging? guest: big cases involving same- sex marriage as well as the voting rights act. expect those cases to be added later on in the year. so far they have not. the cases that have been placed on the docket, the biggest is affirmative action. that's coming up on october 10. the first time in nearly a decade the court as look at whether universities can use racial preferences in admissionss. the other cases are interesting and important, but they don't have the cataclysmic reputation of the cases we had last year involving the immigration and health-care. host: i was going to ask what you learned from last year's term. and the dynamic of the court now moving forward. guest: no one that i know of expected the health care case to
and setting up a series of public health initiatives for basically eliminating cholera as a threat. >> steven johnson is our guest depth."ay on 'in- he will get popular culture and computer networking and politics, i've at noon eastern on "book tv." journal"ington continues. host: james montoya is our guest. what is the college board? guest: a membership organization of over 6000 educational institution knows, organizations that are all focused on connecting students to college success. host: and the purpose of the s.a.t.? when it was first created? guest: the s.a.t. has been around for decades. the idea was to create a more level playing field for students, but sickly for those that lived in axa's that might not have access to the interview campus. it provided an opportunity for us nationally to have an examination that all colleges could use to help them in the admissions process. host: there are now three sections of it. guest: the third section is been in place about eight years. the s.a.t. is measuring those skills that are necessary for college success -- reading, writing, and mathemati
in the six months before a killedst attack and then gautht chris stevens and three other americans. chris wood will appear at a house oversight committee hearing that will lead -- that will look at decisions leading up to the attack on the u.s. embassy. more on foreign policy from the obama campaign. they say mitt romney has a high bar to show he is ready for the responsibility -- responsibilities of the presidency. in remarks to reporters, he says the only person that has defended europe more than it romney is probably chevy chase. the morning -- this morning the mitt romney releases a television advertisement that is timed to coincide with the speech that calls him reckless and amateurish on foreign-policy questions. adding if this is how he handles the world now, think of what he might do as president. meanwhile, in his speech this morning, mitt romney will accuse the obama administration of fundamentally misunderstanding the threat of radical islam the administration is rejecting bipartisan consensus by not putting more muscle on the world stage. mitt romney will also talk about the w
officials to publicly condemn the attack and warned the deaths of ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans." host: "and the administration account of the attack. the state department instead will send a trusted to rid diplomat along with three security officials. had the hearing, as they depart officials provide new details about the attack while asserting there was no way to predict or prevent the sustained assault." as we read from "the washington times," they took away any claims that this attack was due to protests about that video. that is a front page of "washington times." they also include a timeline, a brief chronology about the aftermath of the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya, if you are interested in that, in "the washington times." david miliband writes this morning -- host: that is some background for you before you tune in to the hearing. our coverage at noon today, that is when the hearing begins. chad, silver spring, maryland, independent. thanks for waiting, and what are your thoughts on this? caller: good morning, c-span. my main comments is that the
on the path" of chris stevens who was killed in a terrorist attack. he went on to say the u.s. is determined to bring to justice the perpetrators of that attack. the incident has triggered a debate in washington over whether the visitor -- ambassador and mission were given sufficient protection. turning to the economy, the commerce department says retail sales rose sharply in december, reflecting higher consumer confidence and improve and the job market. consumers bought more cars, gasoline, and electronics. sales rose just over 1 percent in september after a 1.2% rise in august that was revised higher. both were the largest since october 2010. stock futures reacted to the games are seeing gains. s&p 500 futures up 7.9 points. the dow adding 60. the nasdaq 100 are of 19. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> take a look as he stands debate have. video of the vice-presidential debate in the presidential debate from earlier this month or seek individual clips of each question. tuesday you can see live, behind-the-scenes coverage. engage with livege was liv tweets from poli
that killed chris stevens and three others that were not dealt with. security was requested and denied. democrats tried to suggest that was because of republican cuts. that was made clear in the hearing, that the state department was not considering cuts as part of the problem. but security denied -- that is a state department problem. ultimately, hillary clinton, as the president said, answers to him. the problem was not that president obama failed to secure our assets in libya. the problem was the president obama and his surrogates, for weeks after libya, tried to link that attack to a video and a protest that never happened. the president might be offended by the assertion that that was a political decision but that is absolutely what it was. because it was continuously ignoring intelligence that everyone else had. intelligence from libya and intelligence from the state department that flew in the face of everything that the president and susan rice were saying for weeks. so the mess of libya is ongoing. for me, it is not entirely about political point. it is not about if obama is w
the state department to be safe. it is a tragic loss of the ambassador stevens. in florida, people are watching what is happening in the middle east. they want to see a positive direction in terms of foreign policy. the muslim community in central florida is paying a lot of attention. many of them have family members over there. they want to know the presidency will have a positive impact of the world wide and not negatively impact the american image abroad, whoever it is up being. host: what is the trigger point for a recount in florida? how likely is that? guest: florida has been through its fair share of election boondoggles over the years. there has been a strong push to improve the electoral process. we went through the issue of getting the digital voting machines on hand. nobody wants to hear anything about a hanging chad this election. some rain in the background of this election has been -- simmering in the back from this election has been the effort of governors got to purge voters not properly registered -- governor scott to purge voters not properly registered. tallahass
was under attack. describing that they were under attack them been the ambassador chris stevens who was later killed said was in a safe haven in the compound and later talks about how the shooting has stopped apparently. one of the most telling e-mails comes atwo hours after the attack, that the embassy was reporting that a local militia group which has some ties to al qaeda is reporting that it is claiming responsibility for the attack on facebook and twitter. the significance of this is that this should have shown that the white house and the rest of the administration knew much earlier than they said that this was a terrorist attack. intelligence officials have told me that there was a whole bunch of information coming in, some of its contradictory and some of it confusing in the initial hours after the attack. to place more of emphasis on these and that particular e- mail really would put too much weight on one single piece of evidence. it does it feed into the narrative that some republicans have been voicing in recent weeks, that the administration did not blame the attack for
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12

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